About Brandon Broadwater
Brandon Broadwater is the Founder and CEO of Master Your Power Within® Movement, HealthSync™ Global, a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Company, as well as over a dozen more successful ventures. Some of his accolades include:
  • Award Winning Entrepreneur.
  • CEO of 4 Multi-Million Dollar Companies.
  • Honored International Public Speaker and Trainer.
  • Transformational Expert.
  • Highly sought after leadership authority and business strategist.
  • Creator of “The Abundance Game” which teaches both financial and prosperity principles, now in 20 countries.
  • Achieved Financial Freedom at the age of 28.
  • Became a millionaire at the age of 30.
  • In the top 1% of income producers in the world.
  • Has invested in over 60 real estate properties.
  • Is a dedicated husband, and a father of 5 energetic, bright children.
"I help people get results..." 
 - Brandon Broadwater
An independent source tracked a group of clients that Brandon trained, and found that 75% of them had created a residual income of at least $1,000 USD per month before their training was even finished.
"I help people get results! The great impact in people's lives from the Master Your Power Within® Training Company, The Abundance® Game, and especially Master Your Power Within® Live Events have little to do with me as an individual, because I am simply teaching and training on the financial and spiritual arithmetic that results from living unchanging principles. These amazing principles are much bigger than myself. In other words, it's not about me. YOU are the real hero! That is why this training is so powerful. I believe everyone can have the success they desire if they are just shown how."
About Master Your Power Within®
Master Your Power Within is a world renown training company. Bringing together the worlds of finance, personal development, and principle centered living in a simple, exquisite, and actionable way. 

For almost 2 decades Master Your Power Within has been liberating our clients from Poor and Middle Class thinking, in order that they may become Rich and Abundant. Today, we have an international team of experts that is passionate, dedicated, and will go through the gauntlet to ensure your success. Whether that means helping you discover how to create residual income; or how to become more connected in your relationships with friends, family, or faith. This principle-centered approach unlocks the potential that is often trapped inside each of us.

Again and again, clients have attended our events, or purchased our training products, and accredited that experience as being life-changing, and profoundly transformational. It has been our mission and privilege to help our clients achieve results that they thought were never possible before. Certainly, we help our clients get the skills and financial results that they desire, but more importantly, we help them become who they were meant to become.
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